Can one person change the World

Jackie Robinson Cilvil Rights Activist

"Every one should do what there heart says because it's stronger then you think"

Jackie Robinson was a civil rights activist. He had many qualities his most common were leadership, courageousness and thoughtfullness.

Jackie Robinson was a civil rights activist. Which had 3 qualities which were leadership, courageousness, and thoughtfulness. I'm going to tell you how he was a leader he was courage's and thoughtful. He was a big leader in the civil rights movement. Had so much courage he stood up up for whats right. He was thoughtful because he didn't say a word and he changed the world.

One reason Jackie was a leader because he became a businessman in 1957 Ohio and, took charge of the civil rights movement. He showed men (and women) that black and whites can do things together. "I might be black but I'm doing the right and I know the right from the wrong" Jackie said 1957 Ohio. Which is what I know to do. Jackie showed a strong leadership.

Jackie was courages very courages. Jackie served as a second lieutenant for the u.s Army. He never saw combat however, Robinson was arrested. During boot camp he refused to move to the back of the bus. Jackie was not put in prison. He stood up for what's right.

Jackie was very smart and thoughtful. He never said a word but still changed the world. Robinson also became a vocal champion Which lead to not much violence. That was very smart and messed up but he did what his heart told him to do. Jackie was a very smart guy.

In conclusion Jackie had many qualities but his most common were. leadership, courageousness and thoughtfulness. Jackie changed the world. So there's your question. One person can change the world. Jackie was a great man. Jackie died proudly he was a true civil rights leader.

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