Rock Cycle - Kennedy Shea

Simple Rock Cycle

Steps of the Rock Cycle:

1) The process starts with magma from molten crust and mantle.

2) The magma rises to the surface and becomes extrusive igneous rock. (extrusive means out of the ground.) Intrusive igneous rock is igneous rock still in the ground.

3) The extrusive igneous rocks get weathered down from rain and erosion.

4) The rocks move to place to place, eventually go into a stream, and that stream lead to a lake, pond, river, or ocean. This is called transition and deposition.

5) When the rock goes into a river or stream, the rock breaks down into smaller parts. This is called sedimentation.

6) Other small parts of rock will go through compaction and cementation. Compaction is where small rock compact together to form a new rock. Small minerals and pebbles from other rocks fill in the gaps of the new rock and make it all stick together. (cementation) The rock is now a sedimentary rock.

7) The sedimentary rock goes through burial underground, and had high temperatures and pressure. It now becomes a metamorphic rock.

8) The metamorphic rock gets so hot again it goes through melting again.

9) The rock is now magma again and the cycle starts again!

Rock Cycle as expalined above.
Igneous Rock
Metamorphic Rock
Sedimentary Rock