Joe Bob's Biking Adventure (Graph 1)

            Joe Bob was biking from school to the library one afternoon, when he noticed some strange men following him. He was slightly scared so he started pedaling faster and faster. Well, Joe Bob made a bad choice, considering that the library (two miles from his house) was farther from his house than his school (only one mile from his house). After about seven minutes, Joe Bob realized that he would not be able to turn around and go back home, since the men would stop him if they were indeed following him. So, he hid in a bush to see if they would go away. He stayed in the bush for about five minutes, hoping that the men would think that they had lost him and give up. Lucky for Joe Bob, he was right! The men had left when Joe Bob came out of the bush. Feeling much safer, Joe Bob biked quickly back towards his house at a steady pace for a good two minutes, but then decided to stop at his friend Jimmy's house, where he decided to spend the night so that he could tell Jimmy about his crazy biking adventure!

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