Plate Tectonic Hooks
Danielle Zamora


"California is going to fall into the ocean."

Hook #2: Tsunami & Volcano Videos

Hook #3: Involved Audience

Students will discuss in their table groups how the videos are related and what caused the events shown in each video.

Hook #4: Student groups will be given a 100 piece jigsaw puzzle to complete, without the box or picture to look at.  After 5 minutes, groups will be given the picture on box of what completed puzzle should look like.  Students will discuss how they were able to figure out where the pieces went with and without the aid of the picture.

Hook #5: Music - Students will watch and listen to a video using a popular song parody about plate tectonics.

Hook #6: Hand gestures - students will make-up hand gestures as a group to help them remember the movements of tectonic plates and what crustal features they form.

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