Paola Garcia- College Project


1.- Letter if intent

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4.- Letter of Recommendation

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6.- FAFSA Form (Paper Copy)

Letter of Intent

Dear Sir or Madam:

Hello. My name is Paola Garcia, and I am a senior at Pebble Hills High School, I want to attend your university for the following reasons.

First, I want to be the second person in my family to attend college in my family, my sister is the only that attend to the university and I want to be the next to attend to a university because the university is a good future for you for everyone and helps you have better things.

Second, And I can offer them to have good grades, strive to meet all my stuff and all that is necessary to enter their university because I like programs that have for my education and to make these programs I will give all my effort in the class and the work in everything .

This are some reasons why I want to attend the University I think can be a exciting experience.

Letter of Recommendation.  #ACESL6


University of Tucson Arizona..

Respected director John Grant Fox,

My name is Paola Garcia, And I am writing to recommend Denisse Villa, currently It is implemented in your University for their planned studies in your institution

I know the candidate Denisse Villa since entering the nursing program For his career, Where I was his teacher Biomedical Science , It was in those classes that realized in him a deep interest in the student Denisse because their effort to achieve their goals for their future study.

Adding to the excellent results in their assessments, Denisse is notable for the level of detail and determination with which he presented his dissertation on Methods for Biomedical Science.

So I am grateful to accept the student Denisse Villa at the university, because it is a very good model student, and keep your grades high standards for their education, Thanks for your attention.

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