Emmett Till was a loving,respectful,well-mannered young man.He was sadly murdered on August 28, 1955 unarmed at the age 14.He was badly beaten and  murdered by two racist vanilla men,for whistling at a young vanilla woman.He was a smart young man he attended and all-black Mccosh Grammar School.He was raised well by his mother and grandmother,never knew his father.

Emmett Louis Till was born on July 25,1941,born in Chicago,Illinois.Emmett uncle came to visit in 1955 and was about to leave with Emmett's cousin, Emmett wanted to tag alone,mother was hesitated to let him leave to go to Money,Ms with all of the racism going on there but since it was to visit family she let him go,but told him what to do and what not to do.Emmett visited many family members.Emmett and his cousins one day went to the store and Emmett showed his cousins a picture of his girlfriend back at home who was white,they dared him to go flirt with the lady cashier.Emmett did the outgoing bet and whistled at the lady and said ,"Bye baby".The store owner later told her boyfriend what Emmett said and did.Later Emmett was kidnapped and beaten and shot in the head by the store owners boyfriend and half brother,then they dumped Emmett's body in the Tallahatchie river. His mother was devastated to know her child was murdered,and that the policemen wanted to bury his body but she demanded his body sent to her ,and that her sons killers were set free.She did a viewing for his body,people were able to smell the odor a mile away,and for people to see how they had done her innocent son.

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