life as a teacher

*MyYearly income/monthly income.

My yearly income is $46,500 and my monthly incomes is $2993.34 because $46,500 dived by 12 is $2993.34                                                                                                

Job and salary:                                                             Im a teacher and i make $46,500 a year                                                      llkk                              

House and car:

I had to buy a apartment with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom because I had not as much  cash than others the cash I used was $626 a month.

I got a ford fiesta  so I can drive my family it cost $223. $75. $120.

My savings:
I save $329.38 a month
after 6 months i will have $1976.28 im my savings
then after 1year i will have $3951.06 in my savings