Nayim Hussain Chapter 3 Summary

A short informative guide to Chapter 3: Software

Computer Science at St Pauls Way

Software can be classified as system software or applications. These two classifications can be broken down into two summaries. System software is software that is designed to operate and control the hardware, e.g Microsoft OS transfers the data between the disks. Whilst applications perform the useful task the computer itself cannot perform.

Operating systems control the hardware and provide an interface for humans and applications. This means that it uses the hardware to create a display for the user and allows apps to be projected.

Applications do the real-world jobs that we require. This means that it can do whatever tasks a human can do but with more precise movement like someone proramming the software to create a robot to keep repeating the same tasks.

Software may be proprietary and paid for, or open source and freely available. This means that proprietary software or closed source software is computer software licensed under legal rights of the copyright holder with the intent that the owner is given the right to use the software only under certain conditions, and restricted from other uses, such as modification whereas open source software can be modified by anyone in the community e.g Firefox

Compilers are translator programs that convert high-level source code into machine code so that the CPU can run it. They don't come supplied with the OS but are still regarded as some kind of system software because they are not designed to do a specific task for the user.

Interprets also translate high-level code into machine code much like a compiler but they do it a code at a time and execute the code. Giving a thorough report therefore being used as a debugger because of its instant result. The problem is that they have to be resident when the application is written to run. This consumes more RAM and also restricts who can run the software to those who have the correct interpreter.

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