How To Hide My Facebook Post From Specific Friend?

How Can I Hide My Facebook Post From Specific Friend?

Facebook has bestowed the option to prevent a person from seeing what you have posted. Here is how to get the job done-

  • 1) Open Facebook in your browser and login your account
  • 2) Write your post in the status box
  • 3) Now click on Friends located on the left of the Post button
  • 4) Click on More Options and a drop down menu will appear
  • 5) Click on Custom and you will get to see Custom Privacy
  • 6) In Don’t share this with section, click in These people or lists box
  • 7) Type the name of the person you don’t want to see your post and a list of matching names will appear, now select the names of the desired person.
  • 8) Click on Save Changes to return to your post.
  • 9) Click Post to share your post with your friends.

Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with our bosom friends and family and let them know, what is going on in your life. However, there are certain people with whom you don’t like to share your life events. With these options you can choose the viewers for your post. If you have some trouble in performing these steps and you know How to Contact Facebook Support ?, then the desired help is not so far.

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