Digital Editing


This photo is a couple of troops heading out of war.

this is brave because the troops are risking their life for our country

What I did to edit this picture was I added a vintage background, with a smudge border and a flame cover, also a text that says bravery

this picture is a man free climbing up a mountain to reach his goal

I think this is brave because he is putting his life in danger just to reach his life goal

for this amazing photo I put in blur border and a simple brightness background also a simple lime green text

this picture is three fire-fighters battling to put a hot fire out

I think this is brave because the fireman are putting there life in danger to save someone's house

what I did for this picture is added a darker background and a bit off flames also a good text

I think this is brave because this man risked his life to get his goal

For this photo I added a original background, i also put bubbles cover and a blue text  

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