Horse Trainer

Job Description

Horse trainers prepare the horse to accept riders. They get horses well adapted to wearing saddles and bridles and teach the animals riding commands. Horse Trainers aslo work with behavior problems or issues related to abuse or other trauma. Trainers may prepare horses for racing, trail work or horse shows.


Salary: Starting Yearly Salary $38,080-$57,120

Average Yearly Salary $46,240-$69,360

Top Yearly Salary $54,400-$81,600

Special Skills

Special Skills needed to be a Horse Trainer is; a genuine intrest in horses, patience, good communication skills, no allergies to hay or animals, and lastly you must enjoy outdoor work.


Have saddle, will travel. Horse Trainers will go wherever needed.


You can work as a Horse Trainer without any qualifications and get informal training on the job. As an apprentice you enter a formal training contract with an employer.You spend most of your time working and learnig practical skills on the job and you spent some time with a registered training provider of your choice.

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