7th Grade Memories

     7th grade has been one of the best years I've had in a while. I went many places, met new people, and really started to strive in new areas.

Top 10 Moments

#1 Going to Portofino Island

This is my number one because this was our family's first vacation in quite a while where we had no where to be at any specific time. I enjoyed the great seafood, the beaches with beautiful white sand and crystal clear water, and visiting the naval aviation museum that was on the base on the island.

#2 Camp

Camp was one of the best weeks of my life. I loved spending every second of every day with my best friends. I loved the late night conversations, the great activities, and the food that was surprisingly good. I really enjoyed our counselor and helping us have a great week and not yelling at us for everything wrong we did.

#3 Going to the Capitol One Bowl

My sister was performing halftime with the Bomberettes at the Capitol One Bowl so our entire family went down to Florida to watch the team perform. I was all for the Missouri Tigers and of course they won in a great game. We had a great time watching the game and staying in Disney World for a week while all the teams practiced together.

#4 Speech Team

I enjoyed this because it was a time where I was actually encouraged to talk and animate everything I do. I did a great job placing 4th in our competition. I also had it with one of my favorite teachers, Mrs. Burton and Mr. Snook. It really opened me up to new experiences like waking up early on Saturday mornings and meeting new people from other schools.

#5 Baseball Team

I love our baseball team because I am playing my favorite sport with some of my favorite people. We have done great in our league games and in tournament games. Our coach is also amazing because he just hangs out with us but without him we couldn't win.

#6 Peer Buddies

I've really enjoyed my experience working as a peer buddy. Working with those kids have really opened my eyes on how to accept more people. I have grown great friendships working in that room and helping out as much as I could. I have grown lots of trust and found new terms of responsibility.

#7 Cross Country

Despite the fact that we weren't even doing what we were supposed to half of the time, I still loved doing cross country. I really enjoyed hanging out with my friends and doing things like trying to make each other pass out. I also liked how we won every meet and at those meets I met someone that I ended up doing baseball with and becoming great friends.

#8 Cooperstown

Cooperstown was a blast for me and my entire team. We got to spend an entire week living with each other and playing baseball. We also got to spend an entire day at the baseball hall of fame and there was a hut that was giving out free kettle corn. When we went into town it was all baseball with great deals for baseball cards, which I love, and so much more.

#9 Art Club

Art Club was my favorite after school activity this year because there was really no pressure to it. It was really relaxed and just laid back and I got to work on a mural during the year. We painted a tree onto a wall and all the while I was working with my best friends.

Please excuse it being unfinished and David being in it, its the only one I have

#10 The Weekends

I honestly don't know what it was about this year but the weekends felt so good. Even thought there were some where we had not a single free second and others where we had nothing to do, they all just felt so relaxing. When the weather was nice I enjoyed fishing and kayaking and when it got cold I loved going snowboarding and doing baseball training. So all in all the weekends treated me well this year and here's to another great year of weekends.

HELA Highlights

Radio Dramas

I enjoyed doing the radio dramas because it was so easy to do the acting and really get into it because no one was watching. I also enjoyed how it we gave it such an eerie feel to it that it seemed like we knew what we were doing.

The Wednesday Wars Skit

I enjoyed doing the Wednesday Wars Skit for one of our IRP projects because I got to do it with one of my good friends Davide (yes, the 'e' is supposed to be there). I also enjoyed it because we nailed it. There were no times that we messed up and all of the times we expected people to laugh they did. Well, that was the first time. The second time we did it was a week later to get it on video.

Core Highlights


Just as a complete year I loved math. This was the first year I really enjoyed it and I had it with the teacher I had in 4th grade. The groups worked together collaboratively in this class and we actually learned things we could use. If there is one key way to passing that class it is to do your homework every night. Every night you have homework and it all eventually piles up on itself to make for a large grade. You don't even have to do well on it you just have to do it.

Camp Highlights

Because camp was such an amazing week I couldn't just leave it as 2 on my top ten. I had to give it its own title. Now here are the top 4 highlights from camp.

#1 Camo Games

Despite the name camo games only consisted of one game which was capture the flag. It was a blast playing it in the woods because of all the cover it provided, but the camo we were wearing didn't provide much help. I also enjoyed how we were the first people to play the camo games so the camo wasn't so sweaty and nasty.

#2 Dancing

I really enjoyed the dancing activity because of how laid back it was and all the new dances we learned. I loved learning the Hustle, the Thriller, the Wobble, Cotton Eyed Joe, and the Electric Slide.

#3 Our Cabin and Counselor

I loved the cabin I was in because I was with a group of my closest and best friends. We had great late night conversations. We had fun messing around during free time and playing games. But most of all we all loved having Paul, our counselor. Paul is a living legend. He made camp so much fun for us and you can't really even put a finger on what exactly he did. He just made camp amazing. But as this being our only year in camp and him graduating, we had to say goodbye.

Paul Graduating

#4 The Dance

The dance was a blast because after a week of constantly doing activities all day, it felt good to just hang out and dance. We got to see some of our other friends we didn't see all week and we got pizza and drinks. The music was great and it was just an all around great time.

Survival Tips

Homework Homework HOMEWORK

If you even want to entertain the thought of passing 7th grade you must, and I mean MUST, under all circumstances, for the love of everything holy and good in this world do your homework. There is lots and it piles on fast. Do not procrastinate or you will end up staying up very late and your work will not be done to the best of your ability.

Study for Tests

To everyone out there that doesn't study for tests because you already get the material I am one of you... or so I thought. Once I reached 7th grade it hit me that I actually needed to study. If you don't believe me, go ahead and learn the hard way. Even if it is a quick overview the night before or a week of preparation, study!

Keep a Good Attendance

Despite that this may not seem too important, it is. If you miss one day you miss tons of notes, homeworks, and worksheets you now need to catch up on. If you do miss a day check all of your teachers websites because you will most likely find lots of information there. If you know you will be out, tell your teachers and get the work done ahead of time. Not only does good attendance help your GPA, it looks great on your school records.

A Letter to Incoming 7th Graders

There are two words to always follow in life. Sell out. I don't mean like a jam packed concert. I mean to go all out. Leave everything you've got behind you, because when you start to move forward, that will be your horsepower pushing you to your goal. As the great Taylor Swift sang, "The haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate." Its just part of what goes on in life. Accept it and move on. To top this off I will leave you with something I usually tell my friends when they say, "I hate school" or, "What's even the point?" and I will give them this response as a joke but now I deliver it in all seriousness. Your education is your future. Embrace it.

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like how you added the song

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Good job

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I love how personal yours sounds💃

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Yours was very good and I feel I know you a little better after reading this. I hope you have a great summer thats as good as your vacation.

2 years ago

I would like to commend Weston for being the only guy on the speech team, he did a really good expository on snowboarding! We need more guys in speech, it's a lot of fun! Have a great Summer!

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I love your survival tips.

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Nice job! It was really funny and worded well. I also like the colors you used.

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You brought back some great memories. Good luck in baseball. Check out your grade online.