My hobby is touring, and I love it. I think the first time I went to a concert it was in 2005, I think it was some kind of festival. My hobby is really expensive because you have to pay for the trips and tickets, and sometimes staying in a hotel. But I love touring and my parents support it. The best season for this hobby is summer, because if its cold you really cant queue for like 10 hours. I do it with my friends, and if I go alone, I usually find some new friends. I really like touring in foreign countries, because it's easy and interesting to make new friends there because you all have something in common. I recommend touring for everyone, it's fun and you make new friends and you get experience. There aren't any real rules, but it's important to be nice to everyone. I think the best festival i've been to, was Hard Rock Calling in London a couple of years ago. Touring is a big part of my life. This summer I'm going to Danmark to Rosklide festival. And to some finnish festivals and concerts, but I'm not sure about them yet. That's the one thing I love about touring, you can find an interesting gig or festival a couple of weeks earlier and if you have money, just buy the tickets and go.

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