Location-Based Mobile Marketing Is Here To Stay

With the developments in technology the ability of mobile devices to report and track the location of a person accurately and within real-time becomes possible. Naturally, perceptive businesses tap this potential through mobile app marketing in tandem with the consumer tendency of using this feature with increased frequency than ever before. A Pew Institute survey found that 74% adults who own Smartphones tend to use this device for getting directions and location-based information. Business owners, marketers, and their target are realizing fact that the use of geo-location feature is a great option on the tablet and Smartphone. This is becoming a part of daily life of the consumer.

Geo-location remains tied up with consumer behavior and this surely is good news for marketers. People who seek directions also search for the nearest places for grabbing a drink or availability of specific products in retail stores on the apps they use. These days decision-making related to spending money and time depends upon the information a particular search term provides. Another interesting trend revealed by the survey is that instead of checking in on various social media sites or other sites in order to gain knowledge, consumers prefer information that comes to them. This means that marketers can push or nudge personalized relevant messages to consumer devices in real-time without worries. Product information and alert based ads are ideal in this regard, as they fulfill the content requirement while adding value as well.

Well thought out and executed location based marketing represent major evolution from displays in store with almost 72% consumers responding to the various marketing messages. Compared to this, only 23% retail marketers currently use geo-targeted data for mobile marketing. As one can see, huge potential is available so that customers can get the information they seek anywhere anytime. Sending incentives through mobile alerts can help you to get more prospects than ever. Most popularly such campaigns involve the use of coupons but there are other ways too. Sale flash alerts, early access, and special gifts are other ways to attract attention.

Such incentives drive customer loyalty and you can be as competitive in your campaigns as you wish. For example, those who want to go for hard-hitting strategies are opting for geo-conquestingthese days. So what does this mean? It refers to the type of mobile-based marketing campaign where you target the location of the competitors proactively through aggressive offers that take business away from them towards your side.Mobile ad networks are a great place to create and implement location-based solid strategies and expand their reach not possible otherwise. Do not lose your markets shares to your competitors who know how to tap the mobile revolution. If you do not have such strategies in place, yet it's not too late to start. It will start giving you dividends as soon as you embrace the change.

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