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   Q: How do I log in?

    A: Every time an user is on the main page, which is shown in the          previous picture, and the user clicks on any of the subtitles,          the site will immediately ask you for an username and                  password.

    Q: Can I follow any other blogs or obtain any followers?

    A: Certainly, to check your followers you can just go to your              profile. Also, to follow a user, you go to their profile and            just click follow.

    Q: How do I upload a photo?

    A: You can share a photo by clicking the icon that looks like a            camera.

    Q: How do I comment on someone's photo?

    A: You can comment on someone's photo by going onto that person's          photo and clicking on the button that says "comment". The              comment will show once you click post.

    Q: Who can access my profile and pictures?

    A: Your blog followers can view your stuff. You can accommodate            your viewers on privacy settings.                

I chose a soccer ball to express my soccer media life since first of all, I enjoy soccer as much as I enjoy social media. It's also very active but very tiring as said.

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