Historical Aprroach

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Oedipus the King (oEDIPUS rex)

Historical approach refers to the culture beliefs and values in the past.

  • In Oedipus the king, we can see that the story is based on free will versus fate, even though everybody had a free will in the story, to make their own decisions and be free to do what they want, in the end, the fate was to decide. The prophecy that the gods made, that Oedipus is going to kill his father and marry his mother. The ancient Greek's believed in fate, they believed that the gods are deciding each person's direction, no matter what happens, or what you choose, it was all planned by the gods, even though you decide. In Greek tragedy and myth in general, it is the norm that someone will suffer some terrible fate as punishment for wrongdoing or some sacrilege. The Ancient Greek's culture was focused on fate and gods, as happened in the story, Oedipus's parents the queen Jocasta and the king Laius received the terrible news from the gods that their son is going to kill his father and marry his father, Laius gave his new son to a herdsman and ordered him to be killed. But the herdsman didn't want kill him, rather he left him in the mountains. Another men who passed by saw the little child and took him to the childless king and queen, who adopted him. When Oedipus grew up, he received the terrible news, and ran away from home, which wasn't his real one. In his way, he killed his father without knowing that , because he stayed in front of him, and didn't let him pass. Then he arrived to Thebes, where the Sphinx was attacking the citizens, and was ready to leave only if someone will solve this problem: "Who is going on four legs in the morning, two in the afternoon and three in the evening" the answer is human, as Oedipus solved the problem the Sphinx left Thebes, and the citizens made Oedipus their king. As the prophecy the gods made, Oedipus also married his mother. Maybe today we don't really believe in fate as people of the past, but we can connect it to the present time, we do make our decision, we have our free choices, if we want we can be doctors, teachers, lawyers, engineers, professors and etc... or we can decide not to do anything. So it is our choice, but sometimes there are things we cant decide, such as: what college will accept us or when we will die.

Cinderella (The Little Glass Slipper)
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Young woman living in unfortunate circumstances that are suddenly changed to remarkable fortune. Cinderella's mother died, and her father married evil woman. Cinderella didn't like her stepmother and stepsisters, they were evil and mean, and forced her to do all the house work. In my point of view and Cinderella our own culture, in the past step mothers were something considered bad, wrong and untrue love, I think that today it becomes more and more popular, so more people accept it, and things that weren't accept in the past are more acceptable today. When the day of the ball arrived, Cinderella even didn't ask if she can go to the ball, because the answer was clear to her. She helped her stepsisters to dress and to brush their hair, but even in all these expensive staff they were ugly, and Cinderella was a beautiful young woman. When her mother and stepsisters went to the ball. An angel has appeared (or a fairy in the original story, the culture I come from, it was acceptable to believe in angels in the past), and then she Suddenly found herself in a nice long dress and beautiful shoes. So she went to the ball (In the past balls were usually royal events in the king's palace) to celebrate the princes's birthday. The time reflects to events such as: balls, which was a normal thing in the past. The story teaches us that good things happen to good people. And that if you keep hope and have faith things will work out for the best. More Historical approaches can be: politics- monarchy, king and queen. Society- The evil stepmother and stepsisters and that the father chose to remarry. There are lot of versions of the story from different cultures and each one has it is own values, beliefs and traditions for example each one has a diffrent clothing, food and etc...

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