Advice and Gratitude by Demitu

1: lemlem  you have ability to do whatever  and you are new for United state but , you did everything like you live for long year here,in your education and running  what I advice you don't give up for everything  , keep it up my sister I 'm proud of you .

2 my second advice is for all student that disrespectfully a teacher when they teach ,and when give advice for us they want to develop knowledge for us so ,we have to respect them.

3 My  final advice is helpful and great fully for everything when I advice this things , most this world people have mistake ,for their life or other things so when all people are great fully and help each other everything's going to become great .

                           I 'm  Gratefully for               

1 . My family and my friends who help me what I would be everything in my life .

2  Thankfully for Allah give to me my religion .

3 I'm grateful for my teacher that is everything teach me and gives to me knowledge        

4 I 'm also grateful for my school where I can gate creative while  having friends and social life .

5 finally I grateful for my life living.