Jamal Edwards

Jamal Edwards,only 23 years old became a multimillionaire in a matter of a few years, starting off as a local teenage boy in the west-side of London. Early stages of his career, he started off by videoing his friends rapping etc. and uploading them on YouTube. As time went on, he had realised that slowly he had been recognised for his work. Increasing by views and quality, Jamal introduced to YouTube  the name which his videos went under; this was known as SBtv. His career started to include more professional singers which made him increase positively in his early career. He gained many supporters and became popular within the media industry.  He contacted YouTube to see if he was eligible a share of the advertising incomes. Despite being turned down a few times, he finally got what he wanted and earned a couple of hundreds from the videos he had uploaded.

Till this day at the age of only 23, his business still continues to expand in greater ways than possibly imagined. He found himself a team of staff to help him with this new worldwide media business. An example to his success, singer and song writer Ed Sheeran gained approximately 7.7 million hit on YouTube videoed by SBtv. To expand further Jamal is hoping to even get out a new clothing line. As well as his amazing achievements he also gained many prestigious opportunities; including interviews with famous pop singers such as Kelly Rowland and even starting anew friendship with the well known entrepreneur Richard Branson.

He made what seemed impossible possible at a young age, despite having his parents suggesting it is not a stable career to pursue. A true inspiration to young people!

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