Fossil Fuels

coal, oil, natural gas.
by Callie Wing #21

There are three types of fossil fuels there is coal, oil and natural gas.  Coal can be used to keep a fire burning or you could get it for Christmas if you were bad.  Coal could be carried on a train or used to keep a train running.  There is also oil which can be used to put into cars for gas. Oil is made when a animal dies as years pass the dead animal  gets covered in sand mud clay and much more after millions of years before the animal turns into oil. And last but not least there is natural gas natural gas can go threw pipes witch can go threw the ground or water.   

In this video you will see how the three types of fossil fuels work. There is coal oil and natural gas. People can work with the three fossil fuels. To make sure that they are working properly. You will see what people do and what it would be like to have that kind of job. there are some parts of the video that are in color and some parts that are in black and white.

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