Enjoy improved Fut 14 Coins customization options

FIFA Pro Clubs
Enjoy improved Fut 14 Coins customization options for your Club and Pro and a simplified flow into matches:

PlayAn all new round-based flow automatically pulls team mates from the end of the last match into a countdown to the next game search, keeping positions and captaincy. Queuing users in the Match Lobby can watch scores and live updates as they wait and will be automatically pulled into the next match with their team mates.

ScoutFind team mates that suit your clubs’ needs by scouting Virtual Pros from leaderboards and Club Squads. View other Pros, accomplishment progress, and statistics in an easy-to-read user hub and invite them to join your Club.

CustomizeThe new Edit Pro menu option – Style – allows fans to customize penalty and free kick animations, as well as choose their running and finishing celebrations. Celebration animation examples are also now visible in the menu.