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McDonald's is a public restraunt that was establishedd on may 15, 1940.

By Richard and Maurice  McDonald.

McDonald's headquarters is in oak brook,lllinois.

US.McDonald's  products are burgers,chicken,french fries,soft drinks,coffee,milkshake,salads,desserts,breakfast. In 2013, there were 1,800,000 employees (worldwide) the first restraunt.

They sell to all people worldwide.

McDonalds was started by the owners because they wanted someone to remember there name.

The oldest McDonald's still around is located in lake wood blvd Downey,California. It first opened in 1953.

World wide,the employ 1,800,000 and in the USA they employ up to 1,000,000



-was the first fast food restraunt.

-they sell more than 75 burgers every second

-Americans alone consume one billion pounds of beef a year from mcdonalds.

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