My Rocking Summer!!

" A good teacher makes the poor student good and the good student superior."                                                                                                                           MARVA COLLINS

   "My Great Summer In The UT Arlington Tex Prep"

   I went to a summer program In UT Arlington called Tex Prep thanks to my math teacher giving me that information in 6th grade. Tex Prep is an program that UT Arlington give for four summers so that you can get 4 credits for graduating high school and go to college. My first year in the Tex Prep I had a lot of fun and learned many things. Now that I spent the first year  in UT Arlington now I decided to do this program for 3 more summers and get 4 credits for my high school graduation.

   In UT Arlington I learned logic, problem solving, and engineering mainly. All of the teachers in there was fun to learn from and everyday I would get to hear speeches from the doctors in UT Arlington. My problem solving was the most fun to learn from he knew many interesting things. In UT Arlington I got to go to many field trips and the best one was the C.R Smith museum. I wanted to just learn and spend the whole school year in UT Arlington in Tex Prep ,but the month ended very quickly and the first month of the Tex Prep was over.  Now I am waiting for summer so I can start the second year of Tex Prep in UT Arlington!

   My favorite daily activity in Tex Prep is Problem solving class because I had an fun teacher to learn from and also had so much fun because my teacher told us so much fun games that you can play.

   Most exciting part in this program for me is the classes I take specially Engineering and problem Solving. The best people to see in this program is the teachers in UT Arlington.

Images of whats inside the
C.R Smith Museum

Location of the C.R Smith Museum

This is the Water bottle Rocket video that I won first place on!!

Location of the Tex Prep Program!!