Origins Tundra

Carnivors,Herbivores and ombnivors. By:Ginny Spry


Scientific name: Gulo Gulo

Weight:20-55lbs (adult)

Life Span:5-13 years

Length: 2.1-3.5 (adult)

Favorite Food:Caribou

Skin Type:Fur

Predators:Human,Bears and Wolves

Special Features:Long sharp claws and a bear like appearence

Eats: rabbits,carrion,elk,deer and rodents

wolverienes usaully have about 3 babies.

A wolverine is a carnivore a carnivore only eats meat. The wolverine is a medium sized mammal. It's name is close to a weasels name.


Scientific Name:Rangifer Tradius

Weight:350-400 (adult)


Speed: 4mph (swimming)

Length:5.9-7ft (adult)

Eats:Bird eggs and mushrooms

Reindeer and Caribou are the same things.Reindeer used to live alot farther south reindeer used to live in Nevada and Tennessee. In the 19th century they still lived in Southern Idaho. Reindeer travel in heards. Reindeer usaully have 1 babie.

Polar Bear

Scientific Name:Urus Maritus

Weight:990 (male)

Height 4.4

Speed:6.2 Swimming


Eats:Seals,Whale,Bird,Eggs and Vegitation

Polar Bears are mammals. They dig dens before the winter and when having babies it is about forty deegrees warmer in the den. The polars bear skin turns a yellowish color in the spring because of oils found in seals skin. Polar bears usaully have about 2 cubs.

Reindeer Pictures

Wolverine Pictures

Polar Bear Pictures

All about the Tundra

The Tundra is Dry,Cool and Windy. The tundra is a big block of ice. It takes thousand of years for them to form. It moves and can crush trees,rocks or anything that gets in its way. The tundra is basically the glaicer. Alpine glaciers are found in the large areas of continents. Continental glaciers cover large areas of continents. Tidewater glaciers melt water into the ocean.  Icebergs are bits of glaicer. Gravity moves them.

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