"Gee up Comrade" !

Squealer constantly tried to persuade the animals on the farm especially the animals that disagreed with him as stated in the book. Boxer said, He did not believe that Snowball was a trader nor a coward at the Battle of the Cowshed. Then Squealer says they have found in secret documents that snowball was leading them to their doom and that Comrade Napoleon was leading the battle and lead them to their victory. When Boxer finally stops the argument by saying "If Napoleon says it, it must be right". After that the book states Squealer gave Boxer an ugly look with his little twinkling eyes. This is just one example of many that Squealer persuaded and manipulated the other animals into believing things that were not true.  This would be Logical Fallacies propaganda because Squealer uses events to persuade the animals snowball did fight bravely and giving him the military awards were a mistake.

Animal Farm Propaganda Project

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