Abstract Art

1910 - 1970s

✦ Abstract Art is a form of Modernism, the art movement that gained popularity around the early 1900s.

This art form mostly focuses on solid colors, shapes, and lines. Most images were distorted and moved around in a way "only artists would truly understand".

Most paintings under this category often held cryptic meanings. Images drawn by the artist, and the colors chosen often represented the artist's feelings or point of view on certain subjects.

"Guernica", by Pablo Picasso, is the painting shown above. It shows the events of the Nazi bombing of the town Guernica in 1937. Guernica not only serves as a reminder of the cruelties of war, it also served as a message to people during WWII as an anti-violence symbol. The distorted bull and horse in the painting serve to represent Spain, where Guernica is located. The people and the animals are clearly in gloomy suffering in the painting. It is one of Picasso's most popular works.

Work used above: "Guernica" by Pablo Picasso, 1937

[By Sophia Cruz, other artforms by Rendell Uy and/or Monika del Rosario if stated otherwise]