How does Hydrogen Peroxide react
with Yeast?

By Allison and Zachary Vinis
Period: 2

Our Graph of Our Experiment

Breakdown and Formula of Our Chemical Reaction

Formula: H2O2 -> H2O + O2

In our experiment we mixed yeast and hydrogen peroxide. When we mixed them together, it reacted by bubbling over. The products of our reaction is H2O and O2. (Water and Oxygen.)

The Law of Conservation of Mass

Reactants                                                                                 Products

2 H                                                                                              2 H

2 O                                                                                              3 O      

Balanced Equation: 3H2O2 -> 3H2 + 2O3        


balanced reactants and products

Reactants                                                                               Products

5 H                                                                                            5H                                                                                                   

5 O                                                                                            5 O  



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