Hunting Squirrel`s By: Reese Zailo Blurb: Do you know how to hunt squirrel`s? Well if you don’t, then this Tackk will tell You all about hunting squirrel`s.
Introduction: There are many things you need to know About hunting squirrel`s. But the main thing`s You need to know are were you need to go, What you need to wear to blend in, what Time you need to go to most likely catch a squirrel and last what you need to bring with you.
clothing In order to catch a squirrel you must wear camouflage. Also in weather term`s if it`s cold it would be best to wear Warm clothes but if it`s warm it would be best to wear airy time

If you’re wondering when to go hunting the best time`s to go would be 3.00 A.M in the morning or 4.00 P.M in the evening.
Supplies If you don`t know what to bring with you this is what You should bring, a camouflage chair and a squirrel call.
Conclusion Even though some people think hunting squirrel`s is disgusting it`s actually fun. In order to hunt squirrel`s you need a wooded area with acorn`s, acorn`s would help Or a meadow. In order to catch a squirrel you must have camouflage clothing. The only way you`d probably catch or see a squirrel Is by going hunting at 3.00 A.M to 5.00 P.M. If you’re wondering what to bring on the trip you need a camouflage chair to sit in and a squirrel call to lure them in. Squirrels are also really tasty.

Vocabulary Lure: To do something to have something come to you.

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