~"Safe-It" by Sruti and Nikita~

One of the newest innovations from the makers of Sruti and Nikki is the the "Safe-It backpack" Its fine technology allows users to feel comfortable and secure when using this product. Its signature and unique look makes our Safe-It backpack the best in the market.

Finding the best fit backpack can be difficult and there are only a few backpacks in the world that can fit your personal needs. Whether it is outdoor activities or going to school, finding the perfect backpack is hard.

Our Company allows its buyers to custom make their own backpack for their demands. It can allow children who are organized to have many compartments for their books and binders.

Modern backpacks now do carry a large amount of weight; however, they do make the user load heavier. Our Company will design a backpack in which the outer covering where the buyer’s back lies will be covered with a soft cushion like texture that rids the user of the pain of carrying a heavy mass. It also comes with a free laptop compartment.

Many Parents are concerned that their children backs’ will be injured due to the heavy weight of the books in their backpacks. An example of an anxious parent stressing out on their child is Lynn. She was startled when she tried to lift her middle schooler’s backpack.

We got this idea to make these backpacks because we as middle schoolers experience these problems ourselves. Going from class to class and having an interval of only 5 minutes makes the need to pack quickly, necessary. - Thus making the demand for large and comfortable backpacks crucial.

Our goal is to make sure that every middle school student should be able to receive the backpack of their choice with the perfect size and comfort level. Our goal is rid the problems of modern backpacks and make you ready for all your middle school journeys.

Our backpacks has a very secure lock system that protects users from theft. The security system comes with a lock on the laptop compartment zipper.

The retail cost of a backpack in our company is $35.00 and we wish to make fifty backpacks. This will make the number of backers needed in our company be 59.The average cost of manufacturing a backpack in our company will be $20.00.

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