Summer School

In our homeroom we play reflex which, I don't really like. In math we also do Prodigy. The funnest thing is when we do GoNoodle and Prodigy. The hardest thing is operations which IS HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL MATH!!!!!! We are also doing a project on Africa which is fun too.

                                                 Check Mate

Check mate is my favorite. It's SUPER fun, I thought we would be super quiet. But we weren't so I felt happier, and smarter somehow. My teacher for the elective is Mr.Todtfeld.

                                               Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts is very fun. My teacher is Mrs. Winston. We usually listen to music while we do art. The first time we did art we did finger painting. This elective is awesome.

                                        Fitness Fun

Fitness fun, was you know! Fun. My 2 favorite games are Pin Blast and Hockey. The teacher is Mrs.Bradshaw. She is nice. Sometimes we do GoNoodle or Just Dance.

                                         THANKS FOR LISTENING TO MY SUMMER SCHOOL
OPINIONS. A lot of the time I don't like summer school. But this time. I do. =D

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