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What's Going on in Room 5-103

Have You Ordered Your Scholastic Books?

Every purchase allows us to select extra materials for our class. Thanks for the support. Create an account on Scholastic with the link below. Ask your MAXstudent for details!

Prepping for the Hobbit

Students are working on their analytical writing, taking a position and citing evidence in their writing.  We are currently using StudySync to explore "close reading." Have your MAXstudent share with you this powerful tool for reading and annotating text.

Man the Lifeboats!

We are continuing our controlled science experiments. Make sure to ask your MAXstudent about the importance to identifying the variables and only changing one. This week we are looking at the correlation of "lifeboat"capacity and number of passengers.

Ask your MAXstudent:

•What variables might have caused the variation in results from the standard set up?•What do you think the correlation will be to boat capacity and number of passengers? Explain your hypothesis.

Students construct standard paper cup boats and test them "at sea" to find out how many passengers (pennies) they can carry without sinking. After identifying variables that influence the number of passengers they can carry, students are going to construct more boats of different sizes and determine the capacity the beach boats by measuring the volume of water it can hold.

Check out our testing the standard lifeboat:

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