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Quartz is the one of the most extensively used minerals. Because of its properties like chemically and physically stable, it has been widely used. It is the most versatile and multidimensional stone in all the minerals

Here are listed various applications of quartz:

Precious stone 

Quartz is used in making jewellery. The jewellery made out of quartz is available in 20 different types that have their own color and makes them perfect to stone in any piece of jewellery like necklace, earrings and rings. The jewellery made of quartz looks so attractive yet stylish at the same time making it an ideal choice for the jewellery.

Industrial use 

Quartz is ideal for industrial use due to the property of hardness. It is harder than the steel thus is widely used in industrial applications. Besides hardness, these are difficult to break and ultraviolet light can easily pass through them. Moreover, electric current can easily pass through it and if little pressure is applied an extremely small electric charge can be generated on its own. Quartz is used in making optics glass, circuit boards, computer components, sandpaper, mortar and cement. It is also used in radios, televisions, digital watches and radars. It also forms a vital component of granite, quartzite and sandstone. These all are building stones and are commonly used in making buildings. Quartz is also used in laboratory tubes and crucibles. It is also used in making prism or special lenses as well as quartz glass tubes for making lamps.


One of the applications of quartz is that it has an amazing healing power. There are people who believe that quartz has some powers that can promote harmony within the home.  Though, ancient people believe quartz to be a sacred stone. Quartz crystals are considered to be natural receivers and transmitters of energy and also symbolize white light energy. Different people have a different perception about quartz crystal and use as per their beliefs.

Elemental meaning

Quartz is available in more than 20 different types, and each quartz has its own color and has some meaning attached to it. If quartz is red or orange in color, it is associated with the fire element. Similarly, pale to medium color, is associated with an element of air. Blue and brilliant green represent the element of water. Quartz having dull green, mossy or brown in color, it is linked to earth. In fact, purple or clear quartz is connected to the spirit.

Miscellaneous uses

Besides, these uses quartz crystal has other related uses. Quartz crystal is highly used for meditation purposes. These are also used in zeroing the effect of bad vibrations as well as in Chakra balancing. Some people believe that it has certain wonderful qualities and thus used to enhance the life force within the humans. Moreover, there are people who even place quartz crystal and drink water for health benefits. However, crystal are considered to provide professional support stones doctors, stylists, artists, healers, musicians, inventors and those who are related with media.


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