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Campus History and Origin

The University of California at Los Angeles is located at Westwood neighborhood, and started as an undergraduate school at first in 1919 and is now the second oldest campus in the University of California system. Before it used to be only a sector of UC Berkeley, but within 32 years it managed to be treated and elevate it status to be the same and even greater than UC Berkeley. With President William Wallace Campbell, the facility had a rapid boom and outgrew the 25 acre location in was built on. Growing over the decades, UCLA has become the most applied to school in the world, with a education system that offers 337 undergraduate and graduate degree programs. In the world, over 105,000 applications are submitted by each fall.

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Admission Requirements


Only 18.6% acceptance rate

-Average weighted GPA of 4.39

-SAT interquartile range of 1940-2240

(with an interquartile range of 620 - 740 for Critical Reading, an interquartile range of 650 - 770 for Mathematics, and an interquartile range of 640 - 760 for Writing)

-ACT interquartile range of 28-34

Tuition and Costs

Campus Life


UCLA students join together in a week participating in different activities that express the love towards their campus!

Degree Plan in Mathematics/Economics

All preparation courses for any of the mathematics majors must be passed with a "C" or better and an overall 2.5 GPA. (Additional requirements are required for majors requiring economics courses where these courses must be passed with a "C" or better and an overall 2.5 GPA that is calculated separately from the mathematics courses.)

Each major will have its individual pre-major. All students must declare a math major before completing 160.0 units (minus AP credit).

Math 115A and Math 131A must be passed with a "C-" or better in all majors. (Additional requirements are required for majors requiring economics courses where Econ 101 and Econ 102 must be passed with a "C-" or better.)


  • Class
  • Economics 1
  • Economics 2
  • Economics 41
  • Math 31A
  • Math 31B
  • Economics 11
  • Any L&S Writing II Requirement


  • Class
  • Economics 101
  • Economics 102
  • Economics 103 and 103L/Economics Elective *
  • Economics Elective
  • Economics Elective
  • Economics Elective
  • Economics Elective
  • Economics Elective
  • Economics Elective

Career Description

A stock broker is a professional related with a brokerage firm who buys and sells stocks for clients in exchange for a fee or commission. It connects with clients that have income possibility business. Think of the film "The Wolf Of Wall Street," where Leonardo DiCaprio plays the stock broker Jordan Belfort. Became a multimillionaire yet was arrested and convicted for stock market manipulation. Average salary is around 71,720 U.S. Dollars, depending of success.

Career Requirements

To become a stock broker it is technically possible to do it without a college education, like Chris Gardner did in the famous film "The Pursuit of Happiness," yet however this is an extreme rare event. A stock broker must at least have a bachelors degree in a related math subjects like economics or business management.

Persuasive Essay

A man has two important dates in his whole life. The day he was born, and the day he finds the reason of his existence in this world. Life is a competition, and one should only thrive to be the best.

In my academic life, I have always maintained excellent grades and had everything come to me in facilitation. Nevertheless, I really did this with no other purpose than to please my parents humor and fit that idea of a good student that teachers always implied in class. It wasn’t until my middle school years where I got a bigger picture of what life out of school was all about, and met a shocking teacher that his impact still up to this date affects many of my decisions, ambitions, and motivations. David Herrera. He was not a tall man, neither was he extra intelligent nor perfect. The message he implied in all his classes, was that if you were not the best at something, you suck. Grade after grade nothing impressed him, it was although he had seen it all. I later asked him what he expected from us. “ I only want to wake up a desire on you, and make you realize that there is much more out there than you can accomplish.”

Ever since then I look at that man down, because he is very short, and wonder how much knowledge can fit in that relatively small body.

His message at first I had only applied it to school, but I realized I was too stupid to understand. I saw that being the best not only mean being a good student. It meant being the best friend possible, the best peer, student, son, and person overall. The concept of following a life that only focuses to never disappoint, and if he does, he knows how to get back at it.

I want to achieve that title of being the best, and achieving something few men in this world have achieved. I want immortality. Obviously it is physically impossible, but no do not mistaken me. When we hear Chopin's first ballade, or hear the accomplishment of a scientist such as John Craig Venter, we forget to embrace the important contributions they made to our world that still manage to survive the test of time and never be forgotten. I want to make a contribution and have my name written down as be told as a story. I have done it in my elementary school, middle school as well, and high school, for several academic and athletic performances I’ve done. I sure want to make a contribution to your great insitute, and in the hearts of many.

My goal is to accomplish the idea of greatness by the very strong and well known help of your university.

Cover Letter

University of California at Los Angeles

May 18, 2015

Hello UCLA Admission staff,

I am writing this letter to apply in the admission towards the acceptance to the famous University of California at Los Angeles

I am in the journey to get my masters degree in the area of mathematics, economics to be exact, and become a stockbroker. Now, as this job requires, one must have certain qualities that I am certain I posses, such as enhanced math skills, self movement and management, leader skills, and the ability to “see” potential.I sense that feeling of success in an innovation. In my period of my academic life, i have served as team captain and leader in many occasions whether academically or athletics, often voted into this position to direct the team. I often like to see myself as an orchestra conductor, rather than the violinist. I enjoy seeing the organization and smooth flow of work to obtain those remarkable results. I have always had an easy and mutual relationship with mathematics, and I know the adequate balance of individual, as well as team work. As for the ability to “see” potential, I believe I have the natural instinct to determine and push the extensions of an innovation that will give profit.

It is my goal to accomplish the pursuit of my dream career of a stock broker through your well trained facilities and staff members.


Guillermo Santos

98 Road Street

Smithfield, CA 08055

123-123-1234 c

555-555-5554 h


Guillermo Joel Santos

58457 Rich Street Los Angeles, California 12345 Phone: 310-854-4561 Fax: 910-555-3333 E-Mail:


As stockbroker, I seek nothing but full potential of an innovation I will provide economic funds to. With the natural instinct, I believe in nothing but the full exploitation to reach the maximum profit, whether the idea brings an impact to the community, state, nation, or even the world, I seek to manage the economic activities in a efficient and profitable. Experience

Entrepreneurial Trader 2022-Present

■ Employ probability based logic using evaluation models and leading edge technology to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

■ Dedicate two years in building existing trading skills through consulting with industries finest experts. Education Massachusetts Exemplary High school 2018 I graduated as the highest-ranking student and was the Valedictorian. University of California at Los Angeles 2022 I graduated within the top 10% of the schools students in grade ranking and successfully acquired my bachelors and my master’s degree in Mathematics: Economics


I see myself as an orchestra conductor, rather than the violinist in the assembly. When it comes to work, I put an emphasis on organization to accomplish and successfully over exceed any task. I believe my leadership is one of my greatest attributes for I am a fair and charismatic person. I believe in structure and the capacity to reach an objective that will ensure the title of a presentable and exemplary job. I am not shy and my ability to approach problems and find solutions has often been described as exemplary by many teachers and bosses I have encountered. As for my knowledge, I am a well rounded individual with the ability to present my information very efficient

Recommendation Letter

To whom it may concern:

It is of my knowledge that my prodigy Guillermo Joel Santos has an ambitious interest in attending the University of California at Los Angeles. My name is Sergio Tarango and I am the current principal of the Massachusetts Exemplary High School in which Guillermo has been able to achieve and maintain a 4.0 GPA along with great contributions towards the community.

For reasons being, among with his admirable characteristics of hard work, determination, and an augmenting desire for success, I am highly recommending him to be granted this opportunity due to the fact that for four years he has enlightened the halls of my school with his great attributes, and I know for a fact will do the same to yours.

Guillermo has one of the best attitudes I have ever seen in my days as a principal. I had never met a teenage boy with such determination and poise along with a handcrafted realistic plan in order to achieve his goals. From the first day he stepped foot on our campus there was a certain glow to him that simply enlightened everyone around him and at no given circumstance would you spend time with and not learn something. He was so eager and prepared to learn, and even though he had already acquired much knowledge throughout his middle school days not once did he question his teachers for he consumed every drop of knowledge given to him. He was simply the fit definition for the perfect student. Above all, not once did he make someone feel as less of a person than him, he leads his life with humility.

I highly encourage you make the decision to accept Mr. Santos into your university for I assure you he has a bright future among him, and this opportunity won't only benefit this young man but your university as well. I say this due to the fact that he will bring great recognition to your school. If you have any questions or need me to restate any of my statements contact me at, or via cellular device: Phone (915)637-7889

Best regards

Sergio Tarango


Massachusetts Exemplary High School

Boston, Massachusetts 89932


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