Explore an issue presented in the documentary affecting contemporary society.

The main issue that Morgan Spurlock is trying to get through to us, his viewers, that not only American society but our world in this modern age is lazy. Supersize Me expresses this by showing all the people watching how everyday life is from an average Americans perspective. He does this in a variety of ways and sends out a point of view of ourselves from ourselves, if that makes sense. We are watching something that represents what we do. Not only is Supersize me a documentary it is also a mirror.

Spurlock shows us the day in the life of an Average american by limiting his amount of steps to the daily average and changing his diet. Even though his diet is a bit of a stretch on a real Americans diet it isn't far off. Eating fast food is almost a daily doing for most and it falls back onto the fact that the world is lazy. A person doesn't want to slave away cooking food wasting their valuable time that they could be spending at home being as lazy as the fact itself. This is the mentality of people in the modern era, the mentality of not doing anything for yourself. It also isn't only the fact that people rely too much on technology but have succumbed to the level of people not learning skills much needed in the reality of life, people don't cook because they are too busy surfing the net or playing a computer game or even watching TV. Morgan Spurlock may not have presented it directly coming from this point of view but he sure did hint at it.

The children growing up in this day and age are being influence by their elders who have grown up with technology being a new luxury and they just want to use it as much as they can. This also influence the way they eat, if they see fast food as a luxury they will want to indulge in it more frequently causing them to feel 'luxurious'. This then gets passed on to each coming generation and starts breeding a world of obese lazy people who get Mcdonalds delivered.

(Cheers for reading. I hope it makes sense as I am pretty tired right now forgot all bout this sorry miss.)