la Republica Dominicana  
Maleah Gusman

Population- 2013 there was 10.4 million.

Languages- Spanish

Capital City-  Santo Domingo

Currency- Dominican peso

Countries near- Haiti, Puerto Rico


Damajaqua Cascades- In Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, has 27 waterfalls.

Altos de Chavón- Biggest attraction in La Romana, Dominican Republic, is a re-creation of a medieval European village.

Los Haitises National Park- In Northeast coast of Dominican Republic, is there to protect a forest with some roads across.


tato- good

mato- tree

conuco- farm

Food and drinks

Main courses is mondongo and mofongo (blend of plantains, pork rinds and garlic), bistec encebollado (grilled steak topped with onions and peppers).

Special Occasions- chivo (roasted goat) with cassava (type of flat bread)

Desserts- dulces con coco (molasses and coconut shavings), dulces de naranja (composed of a molasses-orange marmalade).

Drinks- Coconut milk, Dominican batidas (fruit shakes made with ice, milk and either papaya, mango, pineapple or banana), morir sonando (a heavenly concoction of orange juice, condensed milk, sugar and crushed ice)

Climate and Geography

They share a island with Haiti, 1,ooo miles of beaches, four mountain ranges, the average temperature is 80 degrees fahrenheit, May through November they have a lot more rainfall than usual.

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