How Different is Horse Price in 1985 Then Today???

Created by: Kennedy Scott

Horses weren't that expensive in 1985 because the jobs didn't  give their employees as much money as today.

But if the horses were used for racing they would be at $2,500 range. That would not be really expensive today because there are better jobs with better raices.

This is $2,500 to $100,000. This is an increase because horses are needed with work in the country helping farmers with crops and things that are very expensive to people that comes from horses.

How you would answer this would be below:

First: you would write down what your problem would be.  Ex 300 to 500

next: you would subtract the smallest by the biggest.             Ex  300-500

After that: you would write your answer down by your first equation:    Ex  300-500 =200

Then: you would divide that by 300 because that is the lowest number. Ex 300-500 =200/300

Finally: You would multiply that number by 100 because if you don't, it would be a weird number.      Ex 300-500=200/300*100= 66.66.

I am very surprised because horses are very expensive now.

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