Paris was defeated by Barcelona

1-0 away loss to Cheap fifa 15 coins , Marseille lost 1-0 away to Monaco. Marseille is still a minute ahead of Paris Saint-Germain.

Away loss to Barcelona in Paris just suffered the first defeat of the season. Lucas Blanco played only a small rotation Ravitch. The opening is only 2 minutes, Wei Ladi long pass, Cavani inside the restricted area arc lob hit the crossbar pop. Guingamp 11th minute lead, Giresse free kick into the box, Sangka Lei header ferry, small edge of the area ahead of Matuyidi leaned headed home. Matuyidi long shots, Wei Ladi restricted area arc before curling shot was confiscated. After Bei Aofu 10 yards against Louis defensive fire, rub the ball wide of the right column.

The second half, pulling away Beiao Fu Siliguri Louis was single-handedly shot saved at the edge of the penalty area. Wei Ladi closed top of the shot a little higher. Bei Aofu go past Louis again won the pole, but Sirigu again attack the ball closed out in a timely manner. Lucas came off the bench after being 30 yards long shots blocked deflected the ball over the bar Kankan. Cabaye cross, Cavani restricted area on the left oblique still missed. The first 87 minutes, Van der Veer right pass, Ibrahimovic shot left the restricted area small but was rescued Guingamp goalkeeper brave. The first 95 minutes, Ibrahimovic missed again poke a small edge of the area. Paris suffered league this season, the first negative.

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