Absolute Brightness

Mrs. Berrisford

Friday March 28, 2014: Character Chapters 1-7

The protagonist is Phoebe. She is believable. She is the insecure/jealous type.

Phoebe is insecure about her self and believes that she is not beautiful like her sister, Deirdre has always been considered the great beauty in our family, so I made a point of keeping a certain distance from her. Someone might be forced to compare us, and I would only come up short.(Pg. 2) It was as if Deirdre had used up all the genetic coding in our family for beauty, and I got whatever was left over, the dregs(Pg. 3).

I can’t really connect with Phoebe, on some parts. But, unlike Phoebe I don’t put myself down. I just think of the things that make me feel good about myself.

Phoebe doesn’t really like Leonard. Can’t you see it? He’s like a freak of nature. He’s from another planet. (Pg.18). Also he won't fight back when someone insults him, and he runs for help when he gets teased.

Another protagonist is Leonard Pelkey. Leonard causes lots of problems for Phoebe. He also gave Phoebe’s mother a makeover and everyone wants him to do the same for them, Leonard’s idea. Pretty wild, huh? Soon our phone started ringing off the hook. Is Leonard around?” (Pg. 42) They don’t ask for Phoebe anymore.

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