Cesar Parra - The Piaffe Performance Journey

Both the students and the staff at Piaffe Performance Farms have the opportunity to take an educational and inspirational journey, one that offers people the chance to not only work alongside and learn from a team of experienced, knowledgeable and insightful Dressage professionals, but also the chance to work with and ride any one of an amazing array of beautiful, athletic and well-trained animals.

Cesar Parra, the founder and leader of Piaffe, ensures that his organization continues to live up to the exceptionally high standards of training and instruction it has become known for, and to provide owners, riders and horses the chance to receive some of the best Dressage and care services found anywhere in the region.

Cesar Parra founded Piaffe Performance in 1999, and since developed one of the most sought after Dressage instruction and training teams in the country. A winner of hundreds of Dressage competitions as a rider, a coach and a trainer for nearly 30 years, Parra has built a home of expertise, experience and client care, one where students, horses and owners get exactly what they’re looking for when they choose an industry leader.

Working alongside and with Cesar Parra has been the highlight of many Dressage professionals’ careers, and has empowered many young riders with the skill, patience and talent needed to go on to great things in the field for many years to come. His staff is 100% dedicated to the success of their students and their horses, and has the track record of accomplishments to prove it.

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