Fall 2013 Day for Media Specialists

Chattahoochee-Flint RESA ETC

September 25, 2013

9:00-9:30--Welcome & Remarks from CF RESA ETC

9:30-10:00--Social Media in Schools--Tamara Jacobs, Crisp County Schools



11:30-12:30--Lunch On Your Own

12:30-3:00--Reading on the iPad, Arvin Ross, iSchool Initiative

Nothing has revolutionized reading more than the presence of tablets and smart phones. This workshop dives into the fundamentals of reading and phonics while focusing on the fun and engaging tools available on such devices. You will learn the basics for reading on an iPad as well as various applications that allow you to customize the curriculum and challenge each student.

Arvin Ross is the Director of Professional Development for iSchool Initiative and a Junior at Kennesaw State University. He travels all over the world,spreading his passion for unleashing creativity in the classroom. Overcoming a broken home and a background of drugs, fighting, and gang life, his words carry the weight of experience that can change the way both students and teachers see education. Arvin has been a key force in iSchool Initiative since its early beginnings. Speaking at conferences, seminars, and workshops Arvin has the ability to awaken in others to their potential hidden deep inside. A combination of his passion, mentoring, and vision leads to dynamic results whenever he speaks.

Thank you for coming today!

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