My not-so secret journey

Hello, stranger if you don't know me then you do...or rather you will soon KNOW alot about me very soon. Today and every other day of my life is just as everyone excepts only maybe not as crazy as some of the teenagers in my school...

Although, i do go to concerts..which will be my life long hobby!! i do NOT get all crazy!...ok i do but not as crazy as some people that do naughty things! Therefore i'm not the average creepy dumb highschool girl. (NO Offense...)

I am pretty dumb but not they way most of these girls are.

But here is my life in march...Well its the highlight... :D

This concert, or should i say festival, was one of the best i have been too in my whole concert life. This was also the first time i ever participated in the "wall of death". I know what you are thinking...WALL OF DEATH!!! sounds horrific... but in all honesty its not. Sure if you fall during this activity you COULD...die. But you must be optimistic and not think of such horrid thoughts! :D Technically you can die doing yeahh anyways. This concert was full of energy, fun and excitement. The best [band] was saved for last "Bring me the Horizon" Which if you don't know are all the pictures taken at night fall. Or rather its the pictures that start with the that was my life :D

Finding a quote on the internet was a challenge for me. However, when i did find the quote i felt as though theres nothing better. I am doing the teacher appreciation PS for Mr. Gillitzer because he is a wonderful teacher that always makes the class fun. I feel that Mr. Gillitzer would appreciate it. I also feel that he doesnt get appreciated enough.


April fools, is a day that no one will forget. Because of the countless jokes and pranks that are being put upon other. From the Got Milk?

If your milk comes in a cardboard container, add a few drops of food coloring. It's harmless April Fool's joke but the results are  pretty colorful.


Friday, was a day full of excitement and exhilaration. Months of preparing for this competition is what our club did, endlessly. Friday was the day our (STEMS club) went to Houston Texas. It was just as i thought i would be...except like ten times better! Houston is a beautiful place with lots of trees and SO many activities. The time i spent there was phenomenal!  

~Mr. Hector Castaneda jr.

~Mr. Samuel Glen Ortiz

~Mrs. Leggett

Mrs. Amanda Louise Banda

~Mr. Audulio Garza

~Mr. Mcnutt

~Ms. McDonald

~Mr. Gillitzer

`Mr. Mata <3

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