Geography; Nicholette and Ashlyn

Period G, April 11, 2014

The Nile River affected Egypt because it was the largest source of water in Egypt. It provided the egyptions with water, seafood, and silt to grow crops.

The  Deserts

All the deserts worked together to make it hard for outside army to come in and take over all of Egypt. Since all the deserts were huge and you would die in the middle of one of them, and if you didn't you would most likely be too weak and dehydrated to fight!

Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea had an Impact on ancient Egypt by Providing a way for transportation and a way to make great silt, or good soil! This sea is used to trade. Lets say you have minerals that could be made into jewelry, since there is not many trees for wood around to make boats, you could trade your jewelry for wood so you could make what you wanted to make.