mLearning Options for K-12

By: Stephanie Archer

Comic and Meme Creator

This app allows users to create memes and comics, and share them with others through social media. There are built in popular characters, fonts and backgrounds to allow student choice. I could use this app at the end of a unit, and ask students to use Comic and Meme creator to create two possible plot twist endings of a novel that we had studied in class.

Voice Thread

Voice thread is a tool that allows you to post thoughts by adding video or images and then adding accompanying audio. You can add comments to help guide your audience, and it is also shareable among people. Voice thread could be used by a teacher to outline a unit summary, the combination of audio and visual prompts are a great way to represent information in multiple ways.

Journal Jar

This app allows students to shake a virtual jar, and are then given a topic to write about. In order for children to improve their writing skills, practice is crucial. Not all students will be intrinsically motivated to engage in the writing process so this is a great app to create incentive for free writing or journal activities. This app could be used on a weekly basis for students to do a creative writing activity. They could also make use of this app by drawing multiple topics and stringing them together to create their own narrative.


Instagram is a social media application that allows users to upload photos and videos to share with friends or publicly. There are options for hash tagging, as well as commenting on other people's uploads. I would use Instagram with my students as a video/photo journal activity or even a scavenger hunt during a field trip. For example, if the field trip were at a zoo, I could give the students a list of questions to be answered during the day. They could complete this task by uploading photos to respond to questions and hash tag the class name to enable me to review the answers.

Audio Boo

Audio Boo is an app that allows the user to create an audio file or podcast. This is a great tool to incorporate in the classroom because there are many students that are auditory learners, and also many that are more comfortable orally explaining what they know rather than having to write it out. A concrete use in the classroom could be use this app to make a radio segment based on current events in the media. This is a great alternative for students to make deeper connections to the information rather than just reading it and forgetting about it.

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