My favourite film: The Call

The Call is a thriller film, starring Halle Berry and Abigail Breslin.

LAPD veteran 9-1-1 operator, Jordan Turner, receives a call one night from a teenage girl, Leah Templeton, fearing for her life as a man breaks into her home. Jordan calmly advises her to conceal herself upstairs, but when the call is disconnected, Jordan calls Leah back, giving away Leah's hiding spot to the intruder. Jordan attempts to dissuade him from going further over the phone. He responds "It's already done" and hangs up, leaving her distraught. A few days later, Jordan sees a television report confirming that Leah has been murdered. Emotionally affected by the incident, Jordan tells her boyfriend, Officer Paul Phillips, that she can no longer field calls.

Six months later, she receives a call and decides to help the girl. That girl was in the same situacion of Leah, and Jordan didn't want that girl to be murdered. During the film Jordan does everything she can to save Casey, the girl in trouble.

Our favourite character was Jordan, because she was brave enough to save Casey, so she wouldn't be murdered like Leah.

The acting was excellent, the music was great because it created a lot of suspense. The special effects were good but there weren't a lot. The costumes were appropiate for every character. The ending wasn't very good, because we thought it was going to be more interesting.

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