1.I am on twitter and facebook i was previously on instagram and pinterest and LinkedIn

Twitter is personally my favorite it is because you can see celebs business and this is one is my favorite account @NWSCLE.
Facebook is where can interact with people that you know.
Linkedin is a social media website.
Instagram is where you can interact with friends that you want to interact with.

2.I don't use social media every day. No, of course not I don't care about social media i only go on weather when I am home.

iPhone 5C Green 8GB.

3.Three reasons to leave alone online bullying.

Reason 1:Tell a parent.

Reason 2:Do not go on the website again.

Reason 3.Look up the kids parents last name  on WhitePages and take their phone number.


reason 1:Do not cyber bully ever.

reason 2:Being appropriate online.

reason 3:Looking up appropriate things.

5.Reason 1:Do not take work from other people.

Reason 2:Do not copy someone else's work without permission.

Reason 3:Take work from Creative Commons.

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