5 best tips and tricks for cow elk hunting

Before going for a elk hunting, people often pose a question, whether to for a bull or cow elk hunting? The answer is very much obvious; if you are among the seasoned hunter then you should go for bull hunting since it is a big size animal, which is really difficult to hunt, whereas the cow hunting is simple as compared to the bull. Both the gender elk animals have their own ways of hunting, which you need to consider while hunting for the same. So before you head for your cow elk hunting, consider these five important tips and tricks as under:

1). Check the current hunting laws and regulations

In many places, there are certain restrictions on hunting the elk, you need to check and fully understand the laws and regulations pertaining to hunting, which are currently applicable. Moreover, these set of rules and law tend to change from one state to the other, before heading make sure you check the current one. This can really help you go safe.

2). Cover up your body and other scent

Before you head for the elk hunting it is always important to shield away your scent. Make sure you take a bath with any unscented shampoo and soap along with using certain unscented deodorant. You would certainly going to use certain unscented laundry clothing or soap while you go for the hunting expedition. You can find such products available for the elk hunters consider trying the local hunting gear retailer. At the same time also use commercial scent converter or the scent eliminator.

3). Go for a right Elk Call

It is always worthy a shot to see if you can successfully use any elk call since this can really help in bringing the elk close to your location. Not all are known as successful enough to use the elk call but if you know the art of using it properly you can really help in bringing both the male and female elk towards your location. Try using the bulge call or simply a cow call, the former can be used during the rut season, which is simply designed to bring in the male elk who is keen to challenge the other male. You can use successfully call the cow outside the rut reason, which is designed to mimic the call over the cow elk.

4). Always scout your planned area

Before going for your elk hunting make sure you scout the area even if you have seen hunting them previously. You would be amaze to see how fast the Mother Nature is seen changing the landscape of any area. It is a new area, which you have never check in before check for the topographical map to explore the points

5). Always check your hunting area before the natural time

It is really vital to get the hunting area before the natural time the elk gets the movement. You would be travelling the most from the hunting spot by the flashlight. Elk has some of the best movements during the first few hours of sunset and sunrise. If you checking in your location too late you may scare away the elk already found in the area. Since Elk have really good hearing and sight hence they can easily run away seeing or hearing you.

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