Breaking Free

Mike Morgan - a pizza guy

Your transformation has begun. You are on a journey that few have the courage to undergo. You know that along the way, you will be tempted by fear and self-doubt. You will be tempted by distraction and fatigue. These temptations don't bother you because you take them for what they are. They are remnants of your old life. Nothing but brittle desperate tendrils of the life you left behind trying to get you back. Trying to hold you down. When they start to slither around you and pull you into the inky blackness of mediocrity, you don't panic. You calmly stare through them...past them...toward your new life. You feel the rush of your new life and new drive rise up inside of you. As you pull to break free their grip tightens. But still, you feel no fear. You know that you have the power to move forward. As you strain the tendrils become taught as cables. They are at their strongest point, determined to drive you under. Determined to turn you back. But still you don't waiver. You become flush with thoughts of the life you are meant to live. Flush with visions of the people whom you work so hard to love and protect. Filled with thoughts of the generations of people in your family before you that sacrificed so you can now live this true life. You hardly notice the distraction, fatigue, self-doubt and fear splintering under the pressure. You barely hear the sound of the tendrils breaking and unraveling. You don't feel them sliding off you, back into the dark depths. No need to look back. That past may be destined to be somebody's future, but you know it isn't yours.