SOUL CLAP @ SPACE 8-23 // DOORS @ 9:00 // $7 // 21+

A few tips from our expert judges on how you can win the dance off ($100!) this Saturday at Soul Clap

What do you look for in a dancer?

Christina Klein // Bartender/Polka Enthusiast // "Sell it to the crowd."

Claire Noonan // Hair Stylist, O2 Salon/Lead singer, GinLab // "I look for the soul leaving the body."

Emily Straubel // Sex Writer/Nutrition Coach // "Take your pleasure seriously."

Jacob Wolk // Law Student/Allergic to Penicillin // "Pelvic dexterity above all else."

Jesse Gertz // This Robust Cut of Beef // "is perfect for steak lovers on the go."

Pilar Nadal // Prancersize Enthusiast // "When the needle hits the record, Wacky Antics ensue."

Krister Rollins // 207 Producer // Comic"Sweat is liquid fun."

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