Determination Method

These figures are the same. In order to find to determine if these figures are the congruent, you must find the ratios, then determine if the ratios are all the same.

                                                                    For Example

       First you want to find the ratios for the angles. Angle AD/A'D' = 3/3 Or One . Then you must do this for all the angles. AB/A'B'= 4/4 Or One. Angle DC/D'C'= 4/4 or one, And angles BC/BC'= 3/3 Or One. After Finding the ratios for each angle, i'm sure that you've realized that all the angles together equal the same ratios. Then is how you determine if the figure is Congruent or similar. If the is case,  figures are similar, you must determine what has happened to the figure from figure one to figure two. In the case, the figure was dilated, and translated to its next coordinates.


Congruent- Having the same measure; if one image can be obtained by another by a sequence of rotations, reflections, or translation.

Dilation-A transformation that enlarges or reduces a figure by a scale factor

Transformation-An operation that maps a geometric figure, preimage, onto a new figure image,

Reflection-A transformation where a figure is flipped over a line. Also called a flip

Rotation-A transformation in which a figure is turned about a fixed point

These definition will help you to determine the transformation usage to the figure.

By: Miles Lewis

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