The Days of Summer

"These are the times we live for."

I remember those long summer nights at Travis's house. He has a house on the lake and that was the place to be. After all, in small towns like Mount Vernon, there is not much to do, but we made do with what we had, and we couldn't have been happier.

On the nights when we were tired after the long day, we would spend our nights in the boat house, just talking and drinking soft drinks. It was quite peaceful, almost like being at the beach.

However, during the day, there was nothing but peace. We did all sorts of watersports: wakeboarding, tubing, jetskiing, just to name a few.

When we were tired Mrs. Peggy, Travis's mom, would always have food for us on our return. She would have already sliced watermelon, sandwiches, and other assortments of food.

Summer nights at the lakewere always what I looked forward to. They were escapes from the horrid world we live in. We were always smiling, no worries, no cares, we were just living life the way we wanted, one day at a time.

These are the times we live for.

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