"I Believe In The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit."

The Apostles Creed

I Believe

I believe in the Father the son and the Holy spirit,

the right moral choices,

the equality of people and all races,

the Idea of having fun while you can,

the Promise of questions answered,

But drugs.

I believe in power of christ to clear our sins,

I believe in windows 7 and that its better than windows 8

I believe in PC more than mac, tractors, trucks, good dogs

And I believe in the idea of people helping each other to get to their goal.

My Personal Credo

              I believe in the father the son and the holy spirit and that they are watching over me and that he will always take care of me

              I learned this credo from my family taking me to church every Sunday. Every Sunday we would sit down in the pews and we would listen to the priest tell about the lord. Also we would have sunday school to spend more time learning about Jesus and how he healed people and took care of them because he cared.

             This belief is important to me it helps me sleep at night. Knowing someone is watching over me at night makes me feel a little safer. I also appreciate that he takes his time to take care of me and forgives me for all the things i’ve done.

             No i don't think it will change it will always remain with me. I see it not evolving in the future other than me getting more serious about it. However how it shapes my future it teaches me to be nicer and my morals are very high

             My conclusion is that in the future i hope that more and more people learn about the Lord and how he has shaped our lives. Also i hope that everyone here has at least hear of Jesus and the Lord.

By Jacob Penson

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